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The whole world was asleep because of his hands. He just snapped his fingers and time was frozen because he was a physics genius. There was some wavelength he could tap that sucked time all the way into the space under his fingernails, and he kept it there until he was ready to let it go. Tiresias, the blind young man that he was, rested his hands on my hips, gave me a kiss, and compared me to an atom, in that I had only the high probability of existence. I was the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, right underneath his fingertips.

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i havent talked to you in years.

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I like this.

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Hey I checked out your home page here on LJ. I love the picture of the little prince-one of my favorite books....all for a rose. Anyway great writtings and not worry about college. I am working on a masters....can't wait to read more. The reason behind all of this is that you commented on my last 100 words, please read me book at I am writting....start date a 5-23